The city Kragujevac

With its 180,000 population Kragujevac is the third town in Serbia and the economic lungs of Sumadija. Its industrial activity especially with the only national vehicle factory of Balkans makes of it an important town for the economic life of the country. At the entrance to the town and to the border of the ancient centre itself the complex Zastava is stretching, marking the town and its insides. The factory is a substantial part of the town and had given it its identity since 1945. after the embargo of 1990s and the stubbornness of the communist government the unemployment severely affected the town. But especially the bombings of Zastava in 1999 have left still visible traces on the quays and the square “Crveni barjak”. 

Nevertheless, the stigmata of a recent past should not obliterate the cultural richness of a town of the richness in the events of the past. Because Kragujevac, the resistor has always maintained the relationships for the less loosened with the political power. 

Post-war city

In the post-war period, Kragujevac developed more industry. Its main exports were passenger cars, trucks and industrial vehicles, hunting arms, industrial chains, leather, and textiles. The biggest industry, and the city's main employer was Zastava, which employed tens of thousands. The industry suffered under economic sanctions during the Milošević era, and was all but destroyed by the NATO bombing campaign in 1999. Despite a possible deal with the Italian auto manufacturer, Fiat, to reopen the factory, the city currently suffers from widespread unemployment.

Since 1976, Kragujevac has grown as a university centre. The University of Kragujevac includes the Faculties of Medicine, Engineering, Law, Economics, Philology, Arts, Natural Sciences and Mathematics.


The fun in Kragujevac doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Some even argue that that’s when it starts. Bars, clubs, lounges and live music venues—it’s all reason for us to put our dancing shoes on and raise to toast to Kragujevac. Will you join in?


"Na eksluzivnom mestu kragujevca, u kuci sve cisto, prijatno. Domacini kulturni, usluzni, neposredni, cine da se osecamo opusteno i uzivamo u boravku."

13/04/2011 Snezana Vukovic, Beograd

"Prijateljska atmosfera i urednost"

Zoran, Rudarski Fakultet Beograd, ocena 5, 24/03/2013 

"Windmill KG is a small hotel, but a very nice place to stay. It's in de middle of the city, and everything is easy to go to. Most important: I really liked the host and hostess, they are very friendly and kind!"

Patrick Marinus, Holland

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